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The Applied Anthropology Network (AAN) is the main European platform dedicated to the exchange of information and experiences related to practical applications of anthropology and ethnography. The network enables a circular transfer of knowledge between academia, private and public sectors, NGOs, interest groups, students and other individuals. The network is part of the European Association for Social Anthropologists (EASA).

We work as a collective to elevate the discipline of anthropology through a shared belief in its capacity to espouse a free, forward-thinking world whose actions are motivated by and benefit both society and planet.

  • Popularize the value of anthropological methods and theories for practical problem-solving in different areas and sectors.

  • Support the work of (applied) anthropologists, highlighting and discussing its value in both academic and non-academic venues.

  • Build bridges that foster new cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral professional collaborations, and improve the presence of anthropologists in non-academic spaces.

  • Provide a networking platform for mutual support; facilitate job-matching, project opportunities, and guidance to the wider community.

  • A world, in which anthropology is a relevant discipline with significant weight in decision-making, policies, and design.

  • A world, in which anthropological theory and practice in society, business, industry and governance foster innovation based on people’s needs and socio-culturally differentiating factors.

  • A world, in which the presence of anthropologists in non-academic spaces is bold, sought-after and on the rise.

  • A world, in which relationships between academic spaces and fields of application (NGOs, companies, governments) are supportive and beneficial.

  • Organizing an annual symposium called “Why the World Needs Anthropologists” (WWNA)

  • Arranging panel discussions and other events about their themes

  • Hosting Satellite Events to foster national networking and discourse

  • Launching a Mentorship Program supporting those wanting to transition into more applied fields

  • Holding network meetings at WWNA and the biennial EASA conference

  • Supporting publication activities of the network members

Read AAN's Activity Reports here.

Meet the Team

Network Convenor

Network Convenor &
Apply Club Coordinator

Anja Pogladič

Social Media Manager

Gašper Raušl

Video & Podcast Editor

Founder & Executive Advisor of AAN

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