Alisha Giri

Medical Anthropologist, Qualitative Researcher. She is interested in exploring the wide world of UX Research and understanding how anthropology translates into this space.

I am based in the Bay Area, California, and hold a dual degree, MPH/PhD, from Case Western Reserve University. I discovered this program as I was wrapping up my dissertation work and exploring career paths as a medical anthropologist and public health professional beyond academia. This program introduced me to the UX Research space, helping me translate my academic experience into industry skillsets. I learned how having a PhD could be a valuable asset, and interacting with someone on a regular basis already in the UXR field with a background in anthropology boosted my confidence in making this transition.

Talking to someone already established in the UX Research space was instrumental in understanding the language and culture of the industry. This mentorship experience has equipped me with practical knowledge and strategies for navigating the UXR field. I am excited to apply everything I've learned as I embark on my new career journey, leveraging my academic background and newfound industry insights to makemeaningful contributions in UX Research.