Catrine Ljungström

Master's degree from Stockholm University in Social Anthropology. Her interests include urban anthropology, anthropology of the future, future cities, and future scenarios.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

I have a Master's degree in Anthropology from Stockholm University. My thesis, titled "Building a Plot: Prolepsis and the Speed Machine in Tirana 2030," delves into the anticipatory consciousness (prolepsis) that influences Tirana's urban landscape and its aspirations to join the European Union by 2030. My main interest lies in urban anthropology, specifically the evolution of cities and the narratives that shape them. I am also deeply interested in the built environment and social sustainability. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the AAN mentorship program, particularly for the guidance provided by Anni Ojajärvi. Her mentorship has been invaluable in helping me apply my knowledge beyond academia and think more broadly. Her expertise in human-centric futures and strategic foresight has been inspiring and has helped me envision my project in a non-academic context.