Vera Visser

Cultural anthropologist and human ecologist. Experience in researching environmental issues through (visual) ethnographic means and working in alternative food initiatives.

  • Locations: Lund, Sweden (current) and Utrecht, the Netherlands (past)

  • Educational background: bachelor’s in liberal arts and sciences: major in

  • Anthropology and Human Geography (University College Utrecht), master’s in Cultural Anthropology (Utrecht University) and currently completing a master’s in Human Ecology (Lund University)

  • Interests: environmental anthropology (human-nature relations), visual ethnography, issues around plastic pollution and waste, food systems and food rescue

  • Past and current projects: Folkets Kök/People’s Kitchen Lund (current) Groentetas (past) Plastics in a circular society (past)

  • LinkedIn:

My aspirations for a future job in anthropology is to find a place where I can engage with people in addressing and finding solutions to climate-related issues. The AAN mentorship program provided me with a lot of useful insights into how to practice anthropology in the real world and I gained confidence in searching for an inspiring future career.